Surflogic Australia Joins The Effort To Complete The Largest Ocean Clean Up In History

Surflogic Australia Joins The Dollar Donation Club In An Effort To Remove Ocean Plastics

Protecting What We Love – Mother Ocean

“People say, why should I care about the ocean? Because the ocean touches you, whoever you are or wherever you are, with every breath you take” Dr. Sylvia Earle (in our opinion, one of the raddest ocean advocates EVER).


At Surflogic Australia, we truly believe it is our mission to be stewards of the environment that we all know and love. It is our aim to contribute to work and projects that are geared towards keeping the ocean as an incredible place as possible for all to experience, live, and thrive. After all, we, yep, you and me, are made up of 70% water.  And, Planet Earth, well, more than 70% of the place we call home is covered by water. Clearly, it is a resource to respect!


How Surflogic Australia Is Working To Keep Our Ocean Playground Clean With The Dollar Donation Club


Surflogic Australia is stoked to announce that we have recently joined the effort to create the World’s First Collective Billionaire Philanthropist with the Dollar Donation Club. The Dollar Donation Club, a non-profit founded by Seth Blaustein in February of 2021, is out to change the world and protect people and the planet $1 USD at a time.


Seth saw a problem with the old school ways of philanthropy. Too often, we were relying on people and businesses with deep pockets to donate their funds to causes that we are passionate about. Sadly, it is not always so easy to get those folks on your same page, and historically, there have been funds that have been mishandled by non-profits, and the general population has lost trust. Seth saw this as an opportunity for change.


Surflogic Australia Joins the Dollar Donation Club As A Collective Philanthropist

How The Dollar Donation Club Is Changing The Philanthropic Non-Profit Sector


One of the principal goals of the Dollar Donation Club is to improve accountability and transparency in the philanthropic world. Another is to show people that they, no matter how big or small, can make a difference.


The Dollar Donation Club kicks both of these goals with the incorporation of a donation tracker on their website where you can see, in real time, how your donation is making a difference and an impact. The Donation Tracker shows you where your donation went and what measurable impact it actually accomplished. It also shows the collective impact of everyone’s donations put together and provides periodic updates on the status of the donation campaign.


Dollar Donation Clue Donation Tracker Revolutionising Phillanthropy Around The World


We love how the collective focus of the Dollar Donation Club shifts the focus of giving from ‘me’ to ‘we’. It’s not about how much you give, rather, it’s about how many people can unify to give a little together.


The Largest Ocean Clean Up In History


As you read this, the Dollar Donation Club is running a campaign with The Ocean Voyages Institute to remove 1,000,000 lbs (that’s 453,592.37 Kgs!) of plastic from the ocean. This is history in the making as this collective effort will break the current world record for the largest ocean clean up in history.

We thought that was super rad, and as a business, we wanted to get involved in this incredible mission.

Surflogic Australia has pledged to donate a portion of each sale every month towards the removal of a minimum of 4.5 kgs of plastic from the ocean each month - that is the equivalent of 900 credit cards worth of plastic a month.

You beauty!

You might be asking, does this mean we charge our customers more?

The answer is “No!”.

We love the idea that by supporting Surflogic Australia, you are helping us support a cause that we believe in, at no cost to you.

But, if you want to get involved…we are here to tell you how.


Want To join Surflogic Australia In Making History?

If you are passionate about the ocean and the planet and want to be part of Surflogic Australia's Impact Family and the collective billionaire philanthropy effort, you can find out more here. If you do join, you will be able to build your own Impact Family and have the chance to see the collective ripples of positive impact that you generate!

The campaigns supported by the Dollar Donation Club will grow and expand as the Dollar Donation Club grows! Ocean pollution and the removal of ocean plastics will always be at the forefront of the Dollar Donation Club's focus.

Surflogic Australia Stoked To Help Clean The Ocean By Removing Plastic Corporate Sustainability Responsability

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