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Bringing Innovation to Australian Surf & Water Sports Enthusiasts

Surflogic Australia offers new and differentiated gear to surfers and water sports lovers throughout the Land Down Under and New Zealand. Driven by a passion to produce innovative and high quality products, Surflogic offers a range of hardware designed to enhance and simplify your daily routine in the outdoors.

Surflogic Austraila Product Range

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Wetsuit Dryer & Hangers

We believe no one should have to put on a wet wetsuit! Surflogic's specialised wetsuit hangers & wetsuit accessory hangers are designed to minimise gear drying times. The wetsuit pro dryer is pending AUS government approvals - watch this space!

Classic surf car at beach with a quiver of surf boards in roof racks

Car Accessories

Pimp your ride! Explore stylish key safe lock boxes. Discover innovative waterproof car seat covers. Transport your quiver with soft racks & roof rack pads. Surflogic offers practical & rad gear for your car.

Apparel & Watersports Accessories

Looking for that little something extra? Look no further mates. Surflogic's diverse range of surf accessories & apparel are here to help increase the happiness & stoke factor each & every day you are lucky enough to be outside.

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