Bringing the Stoke to the Southern Hemisphere Surflogic Australia

Surflogic Australia supports surf and water sports communities of Australia and New Zealand


Surflogic Australia loves getting involved with fellow surfers and water sports enthusiasts that share our belief that there is nothing better than getting outside and having fun in the ocean.

Surflogic Australia is proud to sponsor these amazing clubs:


Southside Malibu Club


Surflogic Australia loves the Southside Malibu Club located in the Sutherland Shire of NSW because the club is all about people having fun whilst surfing. With a focus on keeping the old school traditions of surfing alive by promoting the ongoing art of longboarding, the Southside Malibu Club keeps it real and is one that any keen surfer should check out.

This club is even connected with the legendary big wave surfer Greg Noll, who, by all historical accounts, was the first person to bring a balsa wood longboard to Cronulla Beach when he was on his way to lifeguard in the 1956 Olympics that were held in Australia....and the rest is surfing history!

For more information about the Southside Malibu Club, you can check out their website here: http://www.southsidemalibu.com.au/


Windsurfer Class Association of Australia 

Windsurfer Australia International Windsurfing Association LT Class Surflogic Australia Sponsored Club
Surflogic Australia proudly sponsors the Windsurfer Class Association of Australia Nationwide. With a focus on keeping it real and respecting the roots and traditions of sailboarding pioneers, the Windsurfer Class Association has recently launched the Windsurfer LT, a one design board that is a revamp of the original Windsurfer One Design Class board. The re-introduction of a One Design Class brings the focus of competition back to the skill and style of the board rider and provides a fun and inclusive platform for fair and friendly competition.

Surflogic Australia loves the friendly vibe of the windsurfing community and is excited to see the regrowth of this sport in Australia and worldwide...at the Australian National Championships in 2020, there was a record number of 116 participants!


For more information about the Windsurfer Class Association of Australia, you can check out their website here: http://www.windsurferclassaus.com/


Cronulla Girls Boardriders Club

Cronulla Girls Boardriders Sponsored by Surflogic Australia

Surflogic Australia is excited to announce our sponsorship of a local all-female surf club in Cronulla, NSW, the Cronulla Girls Boardriders!

Established 23 years ago, the mission of the Cronulla Girls Boardriders is to encourage and promote women’s surfing. With 80 members, ranging in age from 8 to 60 years, the club has done a smashing job at engaging and encouraging female participation in the sport of surfing.

Club events are run monthly with six divisions, Open A, Open B, JuniorA/Junior B, Malibu and Micro Grom.

Surflogic Australia looks forward to supporting the club as it continues to grow and increase female presence in the lineup. To learn more about the Cronulla Girls Boardriders, click here.