Surflogic Australia FAQ

Surflogic Australia's Most Frequently Asked Questions



What is the best way to look after my Surflogic car key lock box?

To prolong the life of your Surflogic lock box it is recommended to periodically review its operating mechanism. Over time, salt, dust particles, and chemicals in the air are deposited on lock boxes used outdoors. Subsequently, they can create friction in the components and prevent the lock from locking, opening and closing properly.

When used in corrosive or very dusty environments, your car key lock box should be cleaned every three months.

The best practice is to apply a layer of dry lubricant, not oil or grease, on the rotating dial and opening mechanism. To do this, simply spray a thin layer of dry lubricant on the dial and locking mechanism, and then open and close the lock several times and rotate the dial to distribute the dry lubricant.

Examples of dry lubricants include: WD-40 Specialist Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant (the one with the yellow lid) & CRC Dry Lube with PTFE

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the padlock will ensure long service life!

What Size Surflogic Car Key Lock Box Should I Get?

In general, the answer is up to your personal preference, but size does matter when it comes to the selection of a car lock box.

We have included the interior dimensions of each style of Surflogic lock box on the product listing page to help advise on what size will be most appropriate for your car keys. Bear in mind that your keys needs to be smaller than the interior dimensions. For example, if the interior dimension is 75mm long, a key that is 75mm will not fit inside that lock box.

In general, the Standard size lock boxes are the smallest and are best for single keys and small key sets. When possible, we have tried to advise of specific keys that we have learned do not fit in the standard lock boxes!

Help! I Can't Open My New Car Key Lock Box?!

If you have trouble opening your new Surflogic car key lock box when it first arrives, the trick is to just give it a little jiggle.

I Can't Find My Car Key Lock Box Instructions?

The instructions for how to set your personalised combination code and how to use your Surflogic car key lock box (and the Al key fob signal blocking bag) come inside the lock box. To find them, just open your lock!

If you loose your instructions, feel free to contact us and ask for a PDF copy.

My Lock Box Is Locked And I Forgot My Combination...Is There Any Way To "Reset" The Combination On A Locked Lock Box?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. If you forget your lock box combination, there is no way to reset the combination if the lock box is closed and locked. Our suggestion is to write your combination down and keep it in a secure spot in case you do forget your 4-digit combo.

The only way to reset a lock box combination is when the lock box is unlocked and open and you have access to the little lever inside the box as per the instructions.



When will the Wetsuit Pro Dryer be back in stock?

At present, we do not have a firm ETA for the arrival of the Wetsuit Pro Dyer in Australia and New Zealand.

To register your interest, shoot us an email here.



How do you use the Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger?

A great question, and it is has a brilliantly simple solution! The Surflogic Wetsuit Hangers are specially designed to make it easy to hang a dripping wet suit with minimal hassle.

All you have to do is fold your suit in half and slide it through the side opening of the hanger, and job done. No more trying to wrestle your wetsuit through a tiny hanger gap!



Will The Surflogic Waterproof Car Seat Covers Fit My Car?

The Surflogic car seat covers are designed to fit most car seats, and may be more snug on some seat styles than others.

The Universal fit car seat covers offer the most flexibility for differences in car seat sizes. Universal car seat covers in 3 sizes, single seat, double seat, and back seat (ideal for triple or bench seats). The back seat covers come in two colours, black and camoflauge. Single and double seat universal covers are only available in black at the moment.


Are The Fitted Surflogic Waterproof Seat Covers Compatible With Side Seat Air Bags?

No. Surflogic fitted waterproof car seat covers are not compatible with side seat airbags.




What Are Your Shipping And Returns Policies?

At Surflogic Australia, we do our best to keep in-line with current retail practices and offer our customers the best online shopping experience possible. You can find details about our shipping, returns and warranty policies here.


I'm In Cronulla, Where Are You Located?

Surflogic Australia Headquarters are based in the beautiful Sutherland Shire, but all of our retail is conducted online or through our retail partners. A list of current retail partners that stock Surflogic Hardware in Australia and New Zealand can be found here.