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Surflogic Hardware Oceania Team Based in Australia and New Zealand

The Official Retailer Of Surflogic Hardware In Australia & Aotearoa, New Zealand Working To Improve The Surf Experience In Oceania


Surflogic Australia brings new and innovative products not only to the surfing communities of Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand, but also to the water sports enthusiasts that love getting in, on, under, or around the water in these beautiful countries of Oceania.


As surfers, watermen, and waterwomen, we too are lovers of the sea, and we have firsthand experience in having fun both outdoors and in the ocean. We do our best to use our personal surfing experience and outdoor knowledge to improve the quality and functionality of Surflogic products and to maximise their value to our customers. 


At Surflogic Australia, we believe in protecting our ocean playground for future generations. A portion of every sale at Surflogic Australia is donated to projects working towards the removal of ocean plastics and ocean pollution. Learn more about our ocean conservation efforts here.

Surflogic Australia
is proud to represent Surflogic Hardware in the Southern Hemisphere. Born in the Basque region of Spain in 2005, and inspired by a surf trip around Australia, Surflogic Hardware is a surf company that believes in creating only the best surf products on the market. Attention to detail and dedication to quality has made Surflogic Hardware an exciting new brand on the global surf scene.

Get ready to change and improve your surfing experience thalassopohiles of Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand!  Surflogic Hardware is Innovation - Security - Quality - Passion!

Cheers for taking the time to learn about Surflogic Australia. If you still are keen to learn more about us, you can read more about us here. 

Cheers Mates!

The Team at Surflogic Australia



Surflogic Hardware - exclusively imported and distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Ocean Active Pty Ltd