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Surflogic Australia - About Us

Surflogic Australia Team Page Showing Surfers in the Line Up at Sunset

Surflogic Australia
is the official Australian retailer of the Basque Country based Spanish Brand, Surflogic Hardware.


Surflogic aims to bring new and innovative products not only to the surfing community of Australia but also to the water sports enthusiasts that love getting in, on, under, or around the water in this beautiful country. As surfers, watermen, and waterwomen, we have firsthand experience in having fun outdoors and do our best to use personal experience to improve our products and their value to our customers. 

Surflogic Hardware | Innovation | Security | Quality | Passion

Thank you for your interest in and support of Surflogic Australia. We hope that we have helped you get out there and get stoked - even more than you were before!


The Team at Surflogic Australia




Surflogic Hardware - exclusively imported and distributed in Australia by Ocean Active Pty Ltd


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