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Global Surf Hardware Brand Surflogic Available in Australia and New Zealand Online and In Store

Surflogic Hardware - Inspired by Australian Surf Culture

Surflogic Hardware is an established surf hardware company from the Basque Country in the north of Spain. Nestled adjacent to the French border, the Basque Country is full of culturally rich towns best known for food, beaches, and architecture.

While it may be off the beaten path for most tourists, this region of Spain is no secret to Europe’s best surfers. With consistent year-round swell, the 125 mile stretch of coastline holds more than one gem in its purse.

San Sebastian is world famous for its historic cobbled streets of the old town and picturesque surf beaches, the town of Bilboa was voted as one of the top ten best surf cities in the world by Surfer Magazine, while the nearby village of Mundaka has arguably one of the best left-hand surf breaks on the planet. No further explanation is needed why this area is a mecca for Europe’s surfing professionals and hard-core big wave riders from all over the world.

It was, however, a surf trip in Australia that inspired the founder of Surflogic Hardware to create what is now a globally recognized brand. Javier Vega was drawn to Australia for the epic surf breaks and relaxed lifestyle for which Australia is famous.

Immersed in the Australian surf culture while sampling some of the best breaks on offer, Javier could see the opportunity for an original surf hardware company with high quality products differentiating from the mainstream offerings from the big surf brands of the time.

Surflogic Hardware was launched in 2005 and has been the focus of this passionate surfer ever since.


The Evolution of A Surf Hardware Brand


Starting a successful surf brand is no easy task. Years of developing and testing products followed the launch, with early success from one of our continued best sellers to date, car key lockboxes.

Surflogic Hardware continues to develop and lead this area of car security for surfers with the largest range of differentiated car key lock boxes on the market. 
Surflogic created the only surf lock that has a built in LED light for when you just want that last wave after the sun goes down! No more problems fumbling with your key vault in the dark hoping to get the correct code by brail with cold fingers!

It is this problem solving that has put Surflogic on the map when it comes to surf accessories.

The success and growth of Surflogic has seen the recent global expansion of the brand to include many European countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Kuwait, Australia, and New Zealand.


Surflogic Australia - A Brand's Return To It's State Of Origin


Surflogic hit the shores of Australia and New Zealand in 2019 with the launch of Surflogic Australia. This branch of Surflogic Hardware is Australian owned and operated by a small team of dedicated and passionate surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Bringing Surflogic back to where it was first conceived is a great privilege for the team at Surflogic Australia. It is such an important part of the journey for Surflogic Hardware as a global brand and an opportunity to introduce a new and innovative range of surf hardware and accessories to the surfers of the southern hemisphere.

With a growing retail network and online store, Surflogic Australia is available to all outdoor enthusiasts including, but not limited to, surfers, kiteboarders, foiling fanatics, Sup riders, windsurfers, paddle people, and scuba divers wherever you are in Australia or New Zealand.


Surflogic Hardware - A Brand On a Mission

Improving the day-to-day life of surfers, watermen and water women is what we strive to achieve every day at Surflogic. With over 70 products available from the latest catalogue, Surflogic Hardware has something for everyone.

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your surfing crazed partner who apparently has everything, you are sure to find a unique water sports accessory at Surflogic Australia.

Take for example our specialized heavy duty wetsuit hangers and wetsuit accessory hangers. These are the best way to hang, dry, and store your wetsuits, wetsuit gloves, wetsuit booties and wetsuit hoods.

Waterproof car seat covers are also a very popular product at Surflogic Australia. 
Drive home in your wetsuit or put wet kids and soggy dogs on the back seat without fear of waterlogging your leather seats.

Our range of waterproof backpacks are epic. They are the best waterproof backpacks for surf missions, hiking, sup touring, kayaking or just daily use without the worry of wet contents in your backpack if you get caught out in a squall.

The product range at Surflogic is continuing to evolve with some new and exciting additions to the catalogue planned for the near future.

With some of the world's best surfers, athletes, and lifeguards using Surflogic in their daily surfing routine you will be sure to see more of this growing brand in the years ahead.


Where To Find Surflogic Australia

If you are not already familiar, check out our range of water sports equipment and surf hardware at or ask for us at your local surf shop and water sports outfitters.


Surflogic Hardware

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