Surflogic Supporting Professional Surfers At The Australian WSL Events (2021)

Professional Australian Surfer Isabella Nichols at the 2021 Narrabeen WSL Surf Competition with Surflogic Hardware Wetsuit Dryer and Wetsuit Hangers in the Red Bull Athlete Zone

The WSL 2021 Australian Tour

World Surf League Championship Tour recently made its way Down Under holding four challenging events to get the tour underway.

With the global pandemic disrupting the day to day lives of so many people, it was a credit to the WSL for successfully completing these events during these ever changing and uncertain times.

Travel restrictions and border closures created logistical challenges from the outset with most of the world’s best international surfers arriving in Australia on a chartered flight and then undergoing 14 days of managed quarantine in isolation before they could get their feet wet.

The Tour kicked off in April on the East Coast of Australia with the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup presented by Corona. This was followed soon after by the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic presented by Corona.

With a short break, and a long flight to the West Coast, the next two events were held in May. The Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro Presented by Corona kicked things off in WA and was all wrapped up by the Rip Curl Rottnest Search presented by Corona.

All events were fiercely contested by the world’s best surfers in a mixed bag of conditions and breaks. A full wrap up of results can be found here on the WSL website:

Surflogic Behind The Scenes In The Red Bull Athlete Zone

Out of the water, just above the high tide mark, the WSL has an obligation to create a contest area for judging, media, hospitality and of course, the locker rooms for the competitors. With the support of Red Bull, this comes in the form of the Red Bull Athlete Zone, a place where the pro surfers can prepare for heats, store their equipment, and take time out to focus on the task at hand or reflect on a heat just completed. Surflogic Australia was deep inside the Red Bull Athlete Zone as a chosen supplier for wetsuit drying and storage.

Surflogic Hardware Australia At the WSL Red Bull Athlete Zone

Surflogic Wetsuit Hangers - More Than Just A Coat Hanger

At all four of the events on the Aussie Tour, every athlete had access to the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Hangers to hang and dry their wetsuits before, between and following heats.

Featuring extra wide flat surfaces, the Surflogic Wetsuit Hangers are engineered to increase air flow around your wetsuit which helps to minimise drying times while also minimising fabric stress. 

Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Hanger At the Red Bull Athlete Zone in Margaret River Australia

The practical design of the hangers also makes it super easy to slide your suit onto the bottom rail and hang it in half to dry. This functionality further minimises fabric stress and helps to keep your suit’s shoulders from stretching out. 

The Double System Hanger also features a carabiner strap system that makes it easy to use the hanger virtually everywhere. One of Surflogic’s major goals is to create premium products that protect your surf gear, and it was an honour to see the hangers in action at the Australian WSL events.


Enter The Game Changer - The Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer Australian Debut

When the tour hit the West Coast and the water temperature dropped, Surflogic Australia stepped things up a notch with the contribution of the Surflogic Hardware Wetsuit Pro Dryer in the backstage athlete zone. 

This product offers a next level service that has never been experienced before on the WSL World Championship Tour events in Australia, and it was a hit with both the athletes and on water support crews.

Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer In Action At The Rottnest Island WSL Professional Surfing Event In Australia

The Wetsuit Pro Dryer, while not yet available for purchase in Australia, has been tested and available in Europe since 2018. is a game changer! Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to wet and smelly suits, and hello to a warm and dry suit at every surf session?

The Wetsuit Pro Dryer works by blowing heat regulated air through your suit and can dry a wet wetsuit from the inside out in a fraction of the time it takes to dry one in a traditional sense. 

It also helps to minimise the amount of times you drip dry your wetsuit in harmful UV rays which are the biggest cause of neoprene deterioration.


Product Feedback From the Pros

Feedback from the pros behind the scenes was nothing but positive.

“....your dryer changed my life! I can pack less suits, travel lighter, and always have dry suits”, said Caio Ibelli of Brazil. 

“I’m using your Wetsuit Pro Dryer at the World Surf League events and I’m loving it - it’s provided in the athlete areas. I have bought two different versions over the years and yours is kicking some serious butt and it feels like it can take the use and abuse I myself and my team would give it “ said Sam Smith of The Water Unit, the official water support team for the WSL.

We were stoked to hear comments like these and more from organizers, athletes, and water support teams, and we are certain that this level of service on the world surfing stage will become more common at future events.

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