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Surflogic Change Mat


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Surflogic Change Mat - Keep it simple and classy when changing out of your wetsuit.


Keeps your wetsuit, feet, and car free from sand and dirt

Waterproof - avoid getting your car wet on your way home

Protects your wetsuit

Compact and easy to store in your car

Converts to an easy to carry drawstring wet bag making going home hassle free

Additional straps make it convenient to carry like a duffel bag - no worries!


Product Specifications:

Size: measures 75 cm (29.5") diameter flat
Fabric: 600D/PVC


The best way to keep your brand-new steamer in top shape for as long as possible, the Surflogic Change Mat provides the ultimate waterproof platform for changing into and out of your surf gear.

Simply open up the mat to create your own personal changing space in the car park or on the beach and keep the dust, pebbles and sand from damaging your wetsuit and also out of your car.

The Surflogic Change Mat also converts to a handy carry bag, so if you use your change mat on the beach, or want to leave your wetsuit inside until you get home, you can easily carry your gear to and from the car with one piece of equipment…genius!


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