Waterproof Car Seat Cover - Single - Universal

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Universal Fit Waterproof Seat Cover - Quick Protection For Single Car Seats


  • Tough, waterproof material (600D polyester)
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Protects car seats from water, oil, food, drinks, kids, dogs, etc.
  • Fits on most car, truck, ute, & van seats
  • Easy to install & remove (put on and take off in seconds (it's as easy as putting on an apron!) & totally perfect for when you are in a hurry to get moving!)
  • Adjustable straps with buckle to fix around headrests
  • Adjustable strap with buckle to secure around the seat back


Product Specifications:

Size: 55 x 130 cm / 21.65" x 51.18"
Colour: Black


Made of 600D polyester, the Surflogic Waterproof Car Seat Cover is a radical and tough addition for any car, truck, wagon or van owner looking to protect and maintain the integrity of their single and front car seats quickly and on the go.

Featuring a quick and easy single clip system, and universal one-size-fits-all cut, the Surflogic Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover is perfect for those moments when you are running a tad late and need to get the show on the road asap. We’ve all stayed in a little bit longer for that one, last, perfect wave in, right?

This awesome waterproof car seat cover is super simple to install and remove. All you have to do is set the cover down on your front or single seat and then simply clip the strap around the back of the seat to hold it in place. Job done! The Surflogic Waterproof Single Seat Cover also comes with an adjustable strap that goes around your headrest to help keep the cover in place and upright.

Spend less time changing at the car park and more time in the waves – with the Surflogic Waterproof Car Seat Cover, you can surf longer, get instant protection for your car seats, drive home in your wetsuit, and hop in the shower sooner and happier that you did get that last dreamy ride into the beach. Grab one of these waterproof seat covers today and let Surflogic make your trip to and from the surf easier.


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Customer Reviews

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Dom Lane

Waterproof Car Seat Cover - Single - Universal

No more chlorine odour in the car

I use this cover after being in the swimming pool. I remove it when I get home and hang it in carport for the next day. Probably keeps car seat 95% dry so I still use a towel under it.