Why Surflogic Has A Key Storage Option For Every Surfer’s Car

Hide A Key Storage Options For Surfers From Surflogic Australia
We all know that the carefree days of stashing your keys on your car tyre are a distant memory. Sadly, it is just not worth the risk these days as car thieves have widely caught on to this laid back habit common among ocean loving surfers and other water sports fans.


To make it even more tricky, newer cars with immobiliser systems add an extra challenge of how to safely stash your keys whilst you are out frolicking in waves and enjoying the saltwater.


Luckily, Surflogic offers surfers more choice in robust, secure, and portable hide-a-key storage options than any other surf brand on the market.


Are you ready to hit the beach and paddle out with the peace of mind that your ride is secure? Read on.



The Grom - Surflogic’s Standard Lock Box


To begin your journey with the Surflogic lock box family, meet the Standard Lock Box. Fondly referred to as The Grom, this key pod is the smallest one in the Surflogic Car Key Lock Box range.


Compact and convenient for single keys or even small sets of keys, this key safe is the perfect size for surfers without huge storage needs. This smaller surf safe also comes with a rubber cover to help protect your combination wheel dial from the elements.

Standard Size Compact Car Key Security Storage Pod From Surflogic Australia

Available in three colours, black, silver, and camouflage, you have the choice to pick the one that calls out your name when you see it!



The Maxi - Surflogic’s Classic Key Safe Lock Box


The Maxi Car Key Lock Box is the next size up from the Standard. Offering surfers more space to store lager sets of keys, this is the most common size of lock box on the market and is in line capacity-wise with others on offer.

Surflogic Car Key Storage Solutions For Surfers Maxi Size Key Pods

This little number also comes in three colours; black, camo, and silver.



The Pro - Surflogic’s Key Vault Made For Post-Surf Cold Fingers


Do your fingers get cold and stiff after a long surf? Ours sure do! Especially after a session in those frosty winter swells. Fear not, we have an answer to the problem of frozen and stiff fingers.


Meet The Surflogic Pro Key Safe. A padlock lock box made for people who get cold fingers when surfingTruly designed to help make the surfer’s life easier, this little beauty of a car key padlock box features an elevated combination wheel dial which means it is super easy to enter your personalized 4-digit combo no matter if your fingers are frozen stiff, or if you have them nice and toasty warm in a pair of surf gloves.



The Premium – Surflogic’s Key Safe Lock Box With Built-In Weather Protection


Like the idea of extra protection from the elements?


The Surflogic Premium Car Key Lock Box features a built-in sliding cover for your combination dial for that very purposed.

Premium Lockbox For Car Key Storage Surflogic Australia 

Designed to prevent dirt and salt from crudding up your dial, we think this added feature is priceless, especially if you plan to keep your padlock box outside.



The Double System - Surflogic’s Most Versatile Key Safe Lock Box


Don’t have many options where you can hang a key safe on your vehicle? No worries, mates.

The Surflogic Double System Lock Box has got you covered.

Unlike any other car key padlock box, this beauty was designed to help solve the problem of where to hang your lock box by giving YOU the option to hang it anywhere you like.


Featuring an interchangeable lock system, surfers have the choice to use a standard rubber coated shackle, or a rubber coated steel cable.

Surflogic Double System Key Safe Online Australia

With these two options, you get to decide if you stash your key pod on your roof racks, under your car, or on the wheel.  


The LED Light - Surflogic’s Key Safe Lock Box Made To Help Surfers See Their Combination Lock Better When It Is Dark Out


Ever surf late and find you can’t see anything in the dark when you get back to the car park? Major bummer!

At Surflogic, we have had that exact same post-surf dilemma, and that is why we have developed a car key lock box with a built in LED light!

 LED Light Key Pod For Surfers From Surflogic Australia

Surf to your heart’s desire and know that you can see your combination lock no matter what time you paddle in when you have this bad boy in your possession.


Unlike any other surf key safe on the market, the Surflogic LED Car Key Lock Box features a built-in LED light that turns on at the push of a button to easily illuminate your padlock combination dial so you can see what numbers you are dialing. Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself, here.



How To Choose The Best Key Vault?


With so many hide-a-key options for surfers, we know the choice of which one to buy is a tough one! But fear not fellow frothers, there is sure to be THE ONE out there for you.


Every car key security lock box from Surflogic boasts the same radical features.


Customisable 4-digit combination code – check!

Padded foam backing to protect your vehicle – check!

Robust steel shackle with protective rubber cover – check!

Al immobiliser blocker bag – check!


It is up to you if you want to get something a little extra special and pick up one of the car key lock boxes that offers surfers more options. Whether you keep it traditional or spice it up a little with a LED light, elevated dial wheel, extra cover, or double lock system, you will be happy that you chose a car key lock box from Surflogic!



Sneak Peak – Coming To The Line Up Soon…The Portable Safe Box


At Surflogic, we are always innovating and trying to trouble-shoot the issues surfers face most in their day to day surf life.


We are excited to announce the birth of a new kind of key safe for surfers to store their personal belongings while paddling out.


Get ready to meet the Surflogic Portable Safe Box. Coming to Australian and New Zealand shores later this year, this stash box was designed to keep more than just your car keys safe.

Surflogic Portable safe box buy online Australia


We think Australian and Kiwi surfers are going to love them and we can’t wait for them to arrive! 

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