Time for a surf trip? You bet ya!

Surflogic Surf Trip Essential Products Explained

With most travel restrictions now being lifted domestically and internationally, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why so many people are jumping on their first opportunity to get back to their favorite overseas break, beach bungalow, or packing the van full of camp gear and throwing some boards on the roof for a coastal expedition.

Surfers generally love to travel, and nothing beats a good old fashion surf trip with your friends or family.

It is almost an Aussie tradition!

Packing the right equipment is just as important as packing a spare pair socks and undies when it comes to having a trouble-free adventure.

Easy you say!
Board, Tick.
Wetsuit, Tick.
Sun cream, Tick.

However, depending on where your travel takes you there are a few more items that can make or break your surf holiday.

Now, if you are planning a road trip it is fundamental that your boards arrive with you. Using your 10 year old leg rope to secure your quiver to the roof of your car just won’t cut the mustard on a long drive to your favorite camp ground or holiday house.

Luckily, Surflogic Roof Rack Straps come in 3 sizes - 2.7m, 3.65m and 4.55m.

Surflogic Hardware Heavy Duty Nylon Tie Down Straps Holding Surfboards On A Car Roof


Heavy Duty Nylon Tie Down Straps For Surfboards, Surf Skis, Kayaks, SUPs, Longboards and Watersports Gear Online Surflogic Australia

They also come in a convenient carry case to help keep the back of your surf wagon nice and tidy when they are not in use.


Also, it is worth noting that in some Australian states it is now a legal requirement to use proper webbing straps with a buckle to secure any vessels to your roof racks. Definitely worth checking this before hitting the road.


Check out the range of Surflogic heavy duty nylon tie-down straps here:

Surflogic Australia Nylon Tie-Down Straps for Surfboard Transport

If you are traveling overseas or interstate by plane and have an “economy” sized rental car waiting for you. Don’t forget the soft racks!

We’ve been there! Only car available was a Fiat 500. Yes, stylish…but fat chance of fitting you and your two travel companions plus surfboards and luggage!

Impress your travel buddies when you whip out the Surflogic Single Soft Racks that can hold 3 boards securely on the roof. They didn’t even know you had them because of the compact size and sweet carry case keeping them together and ready for use. Even better, your economy sized rental car has now become the ultimate surf mobile!

Need something more for the family? The double soft racks will hold up to 6 surfboards while the alternative longboard / SUP soft racks will accommodate two long boards or Stand-Up Paddle boards.

Surfboard Soft Racks Carry Surfboards, Windsurfers, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks Buy Online Surflogic Australia


Soft Roof Racks For Multi-board Transport Carry Six Surfboards, Longboards, Paddle Skis, Kayaks, Windsurfers Buy Online Surflogic Australia



For more info, check out the whole Surflogic Soft Rack Family here: Surflogic Soft Racks For Surfboard Transport



So, you rock up in your rental to the break and it is pumping! Just what you were all hoping for. Boards are waxed, slip, slop and slapped… time to get in the water.

What do we do with the keys?

Everyone is keen to get in the water and no one wants to hang on the beach missing out on a minute in the surf.

The back tire or a bag on the beach is a risky move at an unknown location where theft may be more common than at your local.

Fear not, Surflogic has you covered.

Lucky you traveled with your Surflogic Key Safe Lockbox!  Yes, you are that legend that saved the day.

Car Key Storage Lock Box Standard Size Surf Travel Essential from Surflogic Hardware Australia
Our Surflogic Key Security Lockbox Standard is a rad sized compact surf lock which is ideal for travel.

It is small enough to fit in your luggage and not tip the scales at check in, while it is big enough to hold most keys. It also has a slot if the key shank is longer than the average.




Prefer a bigger car key lock box option? Check out our full range here:
Surflogic Hardware Australia Car Key Lock Boxes

No need to drip dry after a good session when you pack our lightweight and travel savvy Microfibre beach towel or Microfibre Surf Poncho. These products are perfect for any travel adventure as they are light weight, fast drying and compact.


Surflogic Hardware Microfibre Beach Towels and Surf Poncho Change Robes

Both are available in 2 trendy colours (blue & olive green) and both come in a handy carry bag to keep your goods well organized.

Check them out here: Surflogic Australia Microfibre Beach Towels & Surf Poncho Change Robes

Regardless of your travel destination everyone carries a little baggage, some more than others!

At Surflogic we have designed a range of waterproof backpacks and travel bags to suit any occasion.

Nothing worse than being caught out in a tropical downpour with all your daily essentials getting soaked with you.


Expedition Dry Surf Pack Buy Online Surflogic Australia

The Surflogic Hardware Expedition-Dry Waterproof Backpack is a light weight, high quality 40L roll-top pack that is perfect for any worthy outdoor activity.

25L Waterproof Mission Dry Surf Backpack online Surflogic Australia


If you need something smaller check out or Mission-Dry 25L pack built to the same high quality and IP66 waterproof rating which is a fancy way of saying your gear will stay dry!



Travelling home with a wet wetsuit or swimwear? No stress with our Surflogic Wetsuit Dry Bag.

Surflogic Wetsuit Dry Bag Transport For Wetsuits and Wet Watersports Gear


Throw your wet gear in the rolltop dry bag and rest easy knowing the rest of your luggage will stay dry for the duration of your trip.

Our full range of Surflogic Hardware Bags can be found here: Surflogic Hardware Waterproof Bags




These are just a few examples of how Surflogic Hardware is the perfect travel companion on any mission locally and internationally.

Check out our online store for the full range of a travel accessories and surf hardware that is designed to improve the day to day routines of surfers and watersports enthusiasts.

Safe travels!
Surflogic Australia

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