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Extra-Long Nylon Tie-Down Straps For Surfboards & Water Sports Gear


  • 30mm wide strong, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy buckles
  • 30mm wide strong webbing
  • Zinc alloy buckle with neoprene padded base - protect both your car & your quiver
  • Durable & reusable carry bag
  • Two 4.55m tie-down straps per pack


Surflogic Tie Down Board Straps are a great addition for any adventure-seeking surfer who needs to secure their gear to the roof of their car in their search for the perfect wave.

Made of heavy-duty and durable 30mm wide nylon webbing, and complete with neoprene padded 30mm wide corrosion-resistant zinc alloy buckles, you can easily secure your gear to the roof of your car while also protecting both your boards and your car from dings and scratches with these tie-down straps. We love how easy they are to travel with and use when you need them.

To use the Surflogic Tie Down Board Straps, just throw the strap around the gear you want to tie securely to the roof of your car or in your trailer, feed the nylon strap through the buckle, and pull to tighten the strap and provide ultimate holding power for your outdoor sports gear. With 4.55m of length, this set of tie-down straps is the most versatile and can easily fit around the biggest stack of surfboards, paddle skis, kayaks, or whatever you like to use when you play on the waves. 

Easily used with any of the Surflogic roof rack pads, including the Surflogic Aero Rack Pads and the Surflogic Round Rack Pads, the Surflogic Tie Down Board Straps can be used to strap and secure just about anything any place, and can be used with any roof rack system. Use them on your ute, your caravan, and even at home on your balcony to tie down your kiteboard, surfboards, SUP boards, windsurfers and more.

Grab a set and let Surflogic make your experience getting to and from the surf better!


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Customer Reviews

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Peter Young
Smooth, snug and easy

Great straps. Good width, easy to handle (as in don't get tangled up unnecessarily and have a comfortable feel in the hand.) Best of all tighten smoothly and positively so getting the gear snug is a breeze. Originally I thought oh well they are straps and they work then I tried another set and realised on no these Surflogic things are good and there is some rubbish out there.