Surflogic Hardware Traction Pads

Surflogic Hardware Traction Pads

Surfboard Traction Pads At Surflogic Australia

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time shredder you will be familiar with the surfboard accessory known as the Traction Pad or Tail Pad.

At Surflogic Australia we are all about functional products and have introduced two variations of the traditional surfboard traction pad to our lineup of high-quality surf accessories.

Most common on short boards under 7 feet, the surfboard traction pad is more than just a sweet looking fashion accessory to enhance the beauty of new board.

First and foremost, the primary function of a ‘Tail Pad” or “Traction Pad” is to provide a premium non-slip surface for your back foot while surfing.

If you have ever surfed without a tail pad you can probably relate to the moment that your back foot slipped off your board while taking the drop and the wave of the day peeled off down the line without you. 

By using a Surflogic tail pad, the need for wax in this critical zone is removed and you will never have to worry about your back foot slipping off due to a slippery surface.

Our range of Surflogic SFL traction pads are manufactured from a waterproof EVA foam which is soft under foot and cut with a superior raised profile giving the ultimate grip where you need it the most. 

Surflogic SFL 2 Tail Pad With Raised Diamond Grip Profile

Surflogic Hardware Surfboard Traction Pad showing raised profile for superior  grip on your surfboard

Secondly, by using a Surflogic SFL Tail Pad your back foot will always find its way to your preferred position on the tail of your board.

It is the familiarity of feel that guides your rear foot to the same position every time and gives you confidence to shred through a crowded line up looking like a boss.

When you pop up and your rear foot lands on your tail pad you know your stance is primed for good times ahead. 

Thirdly, the Surflogic SFL Traction pads will help protect your surfboards from heel compressions and damage at the tail of your board.

Applying pressure with your back foot is how we make our surfboard manoeuvre on the face of a wave. This constant pressure from your rear foot often translates to unwanted compressions on your board. The 3mm thick EVA foam will help prevent this and keep the tail in good shape for longer.

It also protects the tail of your board from knee driven compressions while duck diving and gives your knee a comfy place to press against as you submerge under the oncoming set.

Surfboard traction pads now available at Surflogic Australia

 The SFL Range of tail pads come in two styles being the SFL 2 Piece and the SFL 3 Piece Traction Pads. SFL 2-piece Traction Pad includes two pieces of 3mm thick EVA waterproof decking that has a premium diamond grip profile.

Surflogic Hardware SFL 2 Traction Pad:

Surflogic Hardware SFL 2 Two Piece Surfboard tail pad.

The two-piece tail pad is a flat deck grip with a 30mm tail kick which is often preferred for fun boards, longboards and shredders that don’t like a raised center arch.

Surflogic Hardware SFL 3 Traction Pad:

Surflogic Australia SFL3 Three Piece surfboard traction pad by Surflogic Hardware

The SFL 3-Piece Traction Pad comes in three pieces to help customize the positioning of the pad on boards with different tail profiles.

This type is more commonly used on standard short boards including thrusters, quad fins and performance twin fin board.

The SFL 3 offers a raised center arch and a 30mm tail kick to help with precision foot placement on takeoff.

With a “square-diamond” grip profile this 3mm thick tail pad is a high-performance traction pad for all surfers from weekend warriors to the pros.

Both SFL 2 and SFL 3 Traction pads are super easy to self-install with a high quality 3m self-adhesive backing.

The ultimate deck grip for the tail of your board.

Now Available online at Surflogic Australia.

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