New Release // Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool

Surflogic Australia Wax and Fin Tool designed for the removal of surfboard wax and surfboard fins


Surflogic Hardware has just released a new surf multi tool that is designed to improve your daily surfing routine. The Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool is, as the name suggests, a tool for the installation and removal of your FCS II fins and a wax scraper and wax comb all in one heavy duty and compact unit.

FCS II Fin Removal

 Any surfer who uses FCS II fins has, at some point, experienced the challenge of removing or interchanging surfboard fins.

 Unlike the original FCS fins that were held in place by small grub screws, the FCS II fins are inserted into the fin box by use of pressure and are held in place by friction on a barrel and groove arrangement. While this system is a vast improvement on the need for small grub screws and allen key tools, the effort required to safely remove fins can be quite challenging.

 Fins are removed by lifting the back edge of your fin to disengage the barrel and groove. Sounds simple, however this can be quite tough at times and, with a sharp trailing edge on your fin, it can be more than a little daunting. If done incorrectly, hands and boards can be damaged in the process.

 The Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool is an effective solution that makes interchanging fins a quick, easy and safe process. By slotting your fin into the ergonomic cut out and keeping your hands clear of the sharp trailing edge, the risk of hand cuts has been removed while also giving you extra leverage to assist in fin removal and installation.



The right fins are a key element to performance surfing and having a range of fins in your possession for different surf conditions is essential.

The Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool now available from Surflogic Australia makes changing fins a simple and safe pre and post surf procedure.

Wax Comb & Wax Removal

Unless you ride with full deck traction pads on your surfboard, you will be familiar with the necessity of surf wax to create a nonslip surface on the deck of your surfboard. By applying surf wax to your board, your feet will not slip, and it also helps keep you from slipping off the board when paddling out and taking off.

Industry experts recommend completely stripping and replacing surfboard wax every 2-3 months for optimal performance. Overtime, surfboard wax becomes dirty and greasy, and this prevents good traction. As seasons and water temps at surf locations change, the wax on your board may also no longer be suited to your location. This issue is easily resolved by replacing old wax with wax designed to suit the current climate at your local break or at the surf destination of your dreams.

Luckily, removing surf wax has never been easier than with the Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool.

 With a heavy-duty handle and rigid design, the wax scraper is robust and effective.

Featuring a wide flat surface for wax removal off the deck and a rounded radius to remove wax from the rail, the process can be complete in a matter of minutes.




Integrated into the Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool is a wax comb for use between full wax jobs. Typically, a quick new coat of wax is applied before each surf session to ensure maximum grip. Grooming your board with a wax comb will roughen up the surface of old wax to give you better traction and allow a new coat of wax to adhere to previous coats.

With all of the above functionalities built into one simple tool it is no wonder that the new Surflogic Wax and Fin Tool is a popular addition to many surfers’ beach buckets and surf bags.

Available now at Surflogic Australia.

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