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Discover The Best Way To Hang, Dry, Store, & Look After Wetsuits With This Heavy-Duty, Purpose-Built Hanger Made For Surfers

  • Heavy duty construction
  • No metal = no rust
  • Easy to hang
  • Engineered to reduce wetsuit drying time
  • Designed to reduce overall fabric stress
  • Multiple wetsuit hanging options
  • Prolongs wetsuit life


Hook System Features:

  • Removable hook
  • 360º rotation


Tired of hangers that warp, rust or rot? Looking for the best way to dry and maintain your wetsuits? The Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger is unlike any other water sports equipment hanger available on the market. Designed to optimise drying times whilst minimising wear and tear on your suit, the Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger is in a class of its own.

Extra-wide, flat surfaces help maximise airflow around your suit at all times, and two, easy to use hanging options let you to store your wetsuit the best way at any time whether your suit is wet or dry.

Wetsuits can be hung the traditional way by the shoulders, but, bear in mind that this approach is generally recommended for dry suits (they are less heavy than wet suits), and for short-term storage. The last thing you want to do is stretch out your suit of neoprene armour! 


The broad surfaces of the Surflogic Hanger help to distribute the weight of the suit across a wider surface, making it less likely that you will stretch out or create stress points in the neoprene material. 


The best way to use the Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger, is to fold your suit in half across the extra-wide lower bar. Using the hanger this way will help to minimise fabric stress and ensure you do not stretch your suit while it is at its heaviest weight and drying out. The half-fold is also the ideal way for long-term wetsuit storage. Thanks to the unique design of the Surflogic Hanger, it is super easy to hang your suit in half via the opening on one side. Say, "See ya later!", to those frustrating moments trying to force your wet wetsuit through a small opening like what happens with regular hangers!

The Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger is suitable for more than just surf gear. As a heavy-duty hanger with multiple hanging possibilities, it is the ideal hanger for sailing wet weather gear, surfski gear, dive equipment, windsurf or kiteboard harnesses or any other sports equipment that your average hanger struggles to support.


Change the way you look after your essential surf gear and invest in making your wetsuits last longer with the hanger that is more than just a hanger.  


Optional Add On:
Strap Carabiner System

Grab one of these to add additional hanging capabilities to your Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger, or consider the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Hanger!

  • Adjustable and strong nylon strap
  • Aluminium carabiner with protective foam cover
  • Maximise your hanging potential with this accessory that allows you to hang your gear anywhere -  a tree, your balcony railing, car and caravan roof racks, ceiling beams - pretty much any place you can think to hook it up!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Catherine Kiekebosch
Must have for regular surfers

Love this coat hanger. Seriously. The slide your wetsuit in open hanger system is genius. Super strong so this will be my last broken coat hanger for sure. Will be buying the new double system hanger for a friend of mine. Thanks guys. Great product.

A Verified User
Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger - Single System

Prompt service by Surflogic and Australia Post allowed delivery faster than I expected.

From the day of delivery to me, I’ve been windsurfing nearly every day. I found that I could hang the hanger from a rail in my van, allowing the wetsuit to drip into a wide bucket during the trip from the beach to home. At home, I used the hanger on a covered clothes line to allow the wetsuit to drip dry overnight.

It’s very easy to thread the folded wetsuit onto the hanger, using the open leg of the hanger.

In summary, I’m very pleased with my purchase and its results.

Cheers for the great feedback! We are stoked that you love your Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger!!

Great idea

All I can say is "why was this not done sooner?"
Keeps your wetsuit in good condition by drying it faster. Easy to use and quality materials.

As you can hear this hanger pretty much changed my life for the better!

Steve Mayhew
Built to last

Love it. I'm from bells beach . I surf up to 5 days a week . Finally a coat hanger strong enough to hold my 4/3 wettie. Plus hoodie. Great for winter and a product that you know you'll have for a Lifetime. Plus the wettie dries quicker more air surrounding it due to its width and that what counts when your surfing daily ..

Best Hanger available

Thanks Surflogic Australia for this awesome wetsuit hanger.
Super heavy duty and well designed for easy use.
Wetsuit dries much faster when folded in half and its way better for the suit.