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The sports hanger that will not rust, rot, or warp

A heavy-duty hanger, purpose-built for drying & storing winter surf gear like gloves, booties & surf hoods


  • High-quality, heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to hang
  • Engineered to minimise wetsuit accessory drying times
  • Designed to reduce overall fabric stress

  • Double system includes hanger hook and strap carabiner system

Multiple Drying Features:
Free-standing Feature:
  • Versatile rotating base that supports free standing on the ground as a dry rack
  • When stowed, the rotating leg can also be used to hang accessories like neoprene surf hoods and beanies
Strap Carabiner System features:
  • Adjustable and strong nylon strap
  • Aluminium carabiner with protective foam cover
  • Hang your belongings almost anywhere - trees, roof racks, caravans, fences, boat rails
Hook System features:
    • Removable hook
    • 360º rotation

Ideal for surf and snow accessories like gloves, hoods, booties, beanies, socks, and helmets


Tired of flimsy hangers that warp, rust or rot? Looking for the best way to dry and maintain your water sports accessories like booties, gloves, sun hats, helmets, and hoods? Then get ready to meet the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Accessory Hanger.

Unlike any other ocean sports accessory hanger available on the market, the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Accessory Hanger is designed to optimise drying times whilst minimising wear and tear on your neoprene gear.

Incorporating both a versatile carabiner strap system and a heavy-duty 360º rotating hanger hook, the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Accessory Hanger can be hung in more places and ways than your standard hanger.

With the carabiner strap system, you can hang your gear virtually anywhere and with the confidence that if the weather changes, and the winds pick up, your gear will be safe and sound.

We love to use the double system hangers on tree limbs, boat railings, fences, tents, roof racks, balconies, caravans, and at home. The range of hanging options available with the double system hanger are nearly endless.

An industry first and stand out feature of the Surflogic Double System Wetsuit Accessory Hanger is that it can also be used as a staging station by using the rotating base to stand the hanger upright. This functionality creates the perfect spot to put booties and gloves in the car park pre- and post-surf to help keep your gear clean and free of dirt, pebbles and sand. On surf missions, we love to use the hanger this way to set our gear up by the campfire. It is definitely next level gear!

This heavy-duty, multi-functional hanger is also ideal for sailing wet weather jackets and salopettes, snowboard and ski gear, dive equipment, kiteboarding harnesses or any other gear that your average hanger struggles to support.

Change the way you look after your surf essentials and invest in making your surf accessories last longer with Surflogic!

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Customer Reviews

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Great accessory with hanger

I also bought this alongside the basic coat hanger. Love that I have a can neatly put my booties and gloves away together and it can finally dry properly. Also makes everything looks neat and tidy in my garage. Happy with purchase.