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Keep Sand Off Your Feet & Out of Your Car With This Purpose-built Brush Made For Surfers


  • Sand removal brush
  • Ergonomic handle made of high-quality wood
  • High-quality soft nylon bristles that reach every nook and crany in your vehicle
  • Bristle length size: 7cm / 2.75"
  • Handle size: 7 x 45 x 2cm / 2.75" x 17.70" x 0.80"


Surfers and beach lovers, get ready to meet your favourite car essential. Love getting sand between your toes, but not everywhere else and especially not in your car after some fun in the sun at the beach? You are not alone, and you need to meet the Surflogic ProClean Brush. It will become your best mate.

Remove sand, dirt, or snow off feet, surf gear, car interiors, shoes, and more with ease. The Surflogic ProClean Brush is the best way to step up your post-surf game and keep your car, your equipment, and yourself clean and sand-free.

Designed to keep the art of surfing a pure pleasure, this sand removal brush has been crafted with a head big enough to tackle the mission of cleaning sandy feet and has also been armed with beautiful, long and luscious blue bristles that take on the job of finding every last grain of sand like a boss. Can you tell that we are in love with this brush? Seriously, it is like no other brush on the market. Once you've used a Surflogic ProClean Brush to clean your trotters, cheap dust pan brushes will take a back seat in your mind as well.

The long handle of the Proclean Brush also makes it effortless to clean your feet while standing up and helps you avoid those awkward parking lot moments trying to balance and bend over to clean your feet at the same time. Keep it simple and safe, and make this brush a permanent fixture in your surf ride.

Spoil yourself or the surfer you love with this surf essential, and let Surflogic help make getting to and from the surf even better.


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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
The Goldilocks brush!

Bristles not too stiff, not too soft. Just right! I can’t belive how often I’m asked where my brush came from...