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Featuring a built-in LED light for easy use at dawn patrol or at night, discover the only surf lock with an illuminated combination wheel


    • Customisable 4-digit combination wheel with backlit feature makes the numbers easy to read day and night
      • Protective plastic cover for combination wheel
        • Weather-resistant all-metal zinc alloy construction
          • Rubber coated iron steel shackle 
          • Easy to secure anywhere: attach to car doors, roof racks, wheels, trailers
              • Foam backing to protect the surface of your car
              • Portable and compact - store it in the glove box
              • Fits most key sizes
              • Battery included
              • Al Key FOB blocking bag included



                Surflogic LED Light Lock Box Specifications:

                Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Weight
                Width: 81 mm / 3.19" Width: 68 mm / 2.68" 754 g
                Length: 194 mm / 7.64" Length: 107 mm / 4.20"
                Height: 54 mm / 2.12" Height: 40 mm / 1.57"


                Shackle Dimensions:

                Width (inner edge to inner edge) 4.2 cm
                Height (inner edge to top of key safe)
                4.5 cm


                Keep car keys safe and secure while paddling out with the Surflogic Key Lock boxes. Built to high standards and made of high-quality materials, the Surflogic LED Key Vault is made of weather-resistant, all-metal zinc-alloy and has a rubber-coated iron steel shackle, a customisable 4-digit combination wheel and a foam padded back to protect your car when in use.

                The standout feature of this unique, industry first lock box is the backlit combination wheel. The built-in LED light turns on with the press of a button and makes it easy to read your lock's combo when it is dark outside. With this lock, you never have to worry about surfing late again. Brilliant!

                Use anywhere you need to secure your keys, including homes, caravans, campsites and cars. Paddle out and surf with confidence that your keys are safe.

                Can be used in conjunction with the Surflogic Car Window accessory.

                Battery and Al Key FOB blocking bag included.


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                Customer Reviews

                Based on 3 reviews


                Dimensions are not adjusted for internal parts - Completely useless

                This enormous lockbox does not fit a credit card due to the shackle and dial mechanism. It also opens differently to most - you hold each side and pull the front - the front is very heavy as it contains the dial so the weight is very unbalanced. It is completely useless for anything different to what a smaller lockbox would do. Save your money and buy something else.

                Caia-reis Lin
                Best thing ever

                Thia security lock box is the BEST THING EVER! Light is very handy at night.