Aluminium Key FOB Blocking Bag

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Surflogic Aluminium Car Key Blocker Bag

The best way to conceal remote entry car keys

Key FOB blocker bag for Car Key Lock Boxes


Blocks remote entry smart car key FOB signals

Designed to keep smart car keys safe inside Surflogic Hardware Key Security Lock Boxes


Made to help surfers and water sports fanatics with keyless entry cars, the Surflogic Aluminium Key FOB Blocker Bag is a must for car key security. 

Designed to block remote key-less entry signals and to be used in conjunction with Surflogic Surf Key Locks, the Aluminium Key FOB Blocker Bag allows you to leave your car locked and secured in your car key lock box while you are in the water or on a mission in the outdoors.

To use the Al blocker bag, simply wrap your key less entry car key in the bag and then place it inside your Surflogic car key padlock lockbox and surf or paddle with the peace of mind that your car is locked and secure.

Let Surflogic Hardware improve your surf experience and keep your car keys safe with the Al Key FOB blocker bag!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Greg McEwan
Fob key bag - 5*

Works as intended. We are using inside a lock box mounted onto the window of the vehicle

Great Purchase

After i figured out how to open the box I found the purchase very pleaseing. Thankyou.

Rodney Dale
Good stuff

The premium key lock box is terrific

Tristan Burton

Great product, does as it says

MIchael Gill
Great effective product, costly shipping

The product does exactly what it’s supposed to do, works well. However the shipping cost is excessive