Surflogic Aero Rack Pads 70cm / 28"

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Surflogic Aero Rack Pads - The best way to transport surfboards and watersports gear on your car.


Designed for use with aerodynamic roof racks

Soft, flexible, and secure

Perfect size for shortboards, longboards, SUPs, kiteboards, bodyboards, paddle skis, goat boats, etc.

Velcro fastening

Two 70cm / 28" Aero Rack Pads per pack


The Surflogic Aero Rack Pads are designed to be used on cars with aerodynamic roof racks. Stylish and easy to install, the Surflogic Aero Rack Pads make it easy to protect and look after your water sports equipment when secured to the top of your car.

To install, simply separate the Velcro closure located on the bottom of the Surflogic Aero Rack Pads, wrap the foam pad around your aerodynamic roof racks, and then secure the Velcro closure.

To complement your Surflogic Aero Rack Pads, consider also using the Surflogic Tie Down Straps.  Made of heavy duty and durable 30mm wide nylon webbing, and complete with a neoprene padded 30mm wide buckle, you can easily secure your gear to the roof of your car while protecting it and your car. 

Protect your quiver, whether you have a short board, a long board, a stand-up paddle board, a windsurfer, a kite board, a body board or a wave ski, the Surflogic Aero Rack Pads are available in two lengths: 50cm (20”) and 70cm (28”).


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