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Surflogic Strap Carabiner Accessory System - Designed to be used with the Surflogic Wetsuit and Wetsuit Accessories Hangers.


Optimise your Surflogic Wetsuit and Surflogic Wetsuit Accessories Hangers with the Surflogic Strap Carabiner System. Allowing endless hanging options - hang your gear on a tree limb, on your roof racks, at your campsite, on your caravan, on your balcony, on a life guard tower - the Surflogic Strap Carabiner System makes it easy to look after and dry your wetsuit, sailing, and other water sports gear anytime....anyplace.

When you use the Surflogic Strap Carabiner System, you can also rest assured that your hanger will not come unhooked, even if the winds pick up and start blowing a gale.



  • Adjustable and strong nylon strap (25 mm / 0.98" wide)
  • Heavy duty aluminium carabiner with protective foam cover (hook size: 8 cm / 3.5" (W) x 12 cm / 4.70" (L)

Note: Surflogic Strap Carabiner Accessory System is not intended to be used for climbing purposes - safety first!


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