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Wetsuit Suction Hook


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Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook - The best way to hang, dry, and look after wetsuits and water sports equipment anywhere, anytime.


Quick and easy installation with advanced suction technology

Holding power - up to 10 kg

Long-lasting hold


No tools

No screws



Ideal for use at home, on your car, on your boat, on your caravan, in your shower, on your windows, on your mirrors, etc.


The Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook is the perfect option if you are looking for a non-permanent and easily removable hanging solution. This heavy-duty, multi-purpose, utility suction hook is not only idea for your wet wetsuits but also is the perfect suction hook for all of your water sports equipment that needs hanging, drying, storing or just organising. 

Featuring a dial controlled suction system, the Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook is rated to hold up to 10 Kg of weight, which makes it one of the toughest and strongest suction hooks out there. Throw your wetsuit on your Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger, set up your Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook, and you have the ultimate wetsuit hanging system at your fingertips.

We love that no tools or screws are required to install this valuable piece of versatile and easily removable equipment. The Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook is perfect for use on car and camper van windows or sides, at home in your shower or on a bathroom mirror, and even on the hull and interior cabin walls of a boat!  With the Surflogic Wetsuit Suction Hook, you can hang anything just about anywhere.


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