Logic Beach Bucket Bag

$55.00 AUD

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Surflogic - Logic Beach Bucket Bag- The easiest way to transport wet, sandy gear and keep your car clean and dry on your way home from an epic time at the beach.


Waterproof beach bucket

Multi-purpose storage application - use it at home, in the car, on the beach, or even as a change bucket

Carry handles and shoulder strap - use like a beach bucket or a beach shoulder bag

Can be folded to a compact size when not in use - easy to store and keep handy in your car

Capacity: 50 L


The Surflogic Logic Beach Bucket makes it easy to move your surf and beach accessories like your change of clothes, cozie, board shorts, bikini, wetsuit, beach towels, hats, sunnies and wax to and from your car. This waterproof beach bucket with a 50L capacity will help to keep your car and home nice and dry and less sandy after a day of fun in the sun at the beach.

Use it as a beach bucket or add the shoulder strap to carry your things hands-free with ease - perfect for when you have the kids with you or need to also carry your board up the beach and back to the car. This amazing product can also be used as a change bucket - simply step inside and take off your wettie whilst standing in the bucket - a simple and effective way to keep your wetsuit from getting dirty when changing at the beach or in the carpark. Easy to keep on hand in your car, the Surflogic Logic Beach Bucket folds up to an easily stowed and compact size…never get caught out unprepared again!


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